Homemade Bread

Our son was homeschooled through high school and at this time we had access to a grain grinder.  Similar to this one:

Our son and I decided to begin making homemade. . .bread from freshly ground grains.  It took us awhile to work all the bugs out but the results were delicious.  Our bread was full of a variety of grains, seeds and nuts and became so popular that we began selling it to friends.  When we moved from Houston we lost access to the grinder and thus ended our bread making.

This type of bread is making a comeback because it is so much healthier than anything purchased in the stores.  So my husband and I are thinking of purchasing a grinder and making our own bread again.

We have been comparing grinders and looking at available attachments and prices.  This is the Family Grain Mill:

This mill uses steel cutting blades to grind the wheat.  It is made of heavy duty plastic.  Both of these features are concerns to us.  Our experience is with a stone grinder not steel cutting blades and we are not sure how well the steel would work.  Our other concern is the plastic construction.  Grinding grains is an intense process and we are not sure how well plastic will hold up.  However, this mill comes with a lifetime warranty and the company has been around a long time.

The other mill we are considering is the Golden Grain Mill.

This mill is a stone grinder and comes with motor and hand cranking capabilities.  One obvious drawback to this one is it’s size-this would have to sit on my kitchen counter.  The advantage of this mill is the grinding stone.  This is an advantage only because it is what we have used before and are familiar with it.  From all ou reading it seems the decision to use stone or steel for grinding is a personal choice.

At this point we are leaning towards the Family Grain Mill.  We like the portablity of it and the ease of cleaning, plus it gets excellent reviews.  We will make our decision in the next couple weeks and will be back with a full review.

Any thoughts you might like to share will be greatly appreciated.


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