A Granddaughter’s Birthday

Both of our granddaughters have a birthday next month and we are starting to get ready for the trip.  Our oldest granddaughter reads this blog so I will just say, her gift is a surprise!  (sorry Lydia) I will post pictures after the party. . .

Normally I make the girls a new outfit for their birthday and we purchase the accessories to complete the ensemble.  This year we bought something for the oldest girl and I made an outfit for the youngest, Lauren.

I had purchased this fabric with Lauren in mind.

I went through the patterns and decided on these.



I was unsure of which color ricrac to use  so I played around with what I had available.

I made her all 4 items so she could mix and match them. Lauren loves frills and ruffles so figured she would really like these:

Then I used the patchwork fabric to make these:

I put them on the mannequin to get a better idea of how they looked together and was very pleased.


One Response to A Granddaughter’s Birthday

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    What CUTE outfits – those look perfect. Your granddaughter will be thrilled with them!

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