Renaissance Revisited

I just love the book, Pride and Prejudice, and the fashions worn during that time period.  While searching for fashions from that era I discovered that many of the Renaissance fashions are equally as attractive.

In the course of my search I discovered that Renaissance and Celtic fairs are quite common around our country, so I decided to try my hand at a Renaissance dress but I wanted it to be modest and to be a little more in line with Pride and Prejudice fashions.

I found this costume.  It is sold as a Maid Marian outfit.  I liked the simple lines and the full flowing sleeves.


Searching for a pattern I could use was quite an experience but I finally settled on this one-with a few adaptions.


I changed the sleeves so they would end at the wrist and used gold braid for trimming the neckline and the sleeve edge.  The dress has princess seams and the full flowing front give it a slimming appearance.  This dress is a size 18.


The back laces up and also has princess seams.  It also has a small train in the back.


The gold trim, laces and belt distinguish this dress from the Pride and Prejudice style. 

This was my first experiment with this style of dress and I was very satisfied with the result.  I wanted something that would look good on a large boned woman and still be stylish and I think this dress does both.

I am very thankful for a business that provides enough income to feed my desire to try new ideas and to experiment with different styles.  I am thankful for the customers who have helped my business to grow every year.  I am thankful for a husband who willingly financed the start of my business and gets just as excited as I do when we get a new customer.  And finally, I am thankful for all the customers who have provided photos of their little ones modeling my outfits-how I love looking at them and seeing the joy in their faces!


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