A Wedding Gift

We have a friend, Susan, who is getting married in December.   Susan is about 40 years old and has lived on her own for many years.  She is marrying a widower.

Since both the bride and groom have lived on their own, they really do not need many things.  I searched my brain for a gift for this wedding and finally decided on something I make for myself but do not sell.

I decided to make Susan a couple of aprons and some hand-crocheted dish cloths.  I love these dish cloths but do not sell them because they would be way too expensive.  They take about 4-5 hours each to make and no one would want to pay that much for dish cloths.  However, they are the best I have ever found.  So a unique, handmade, custom wedding gift just for Susan.

Susan adores the color pink so I searched my fabric and found these 2 pieces that will create very cute aprons.



Then I started working on the dish cloths at night.  I like to crochet while relaxing in the evenings.  It gives me something productive to do while spending time with my hubby.

I decided to use doily patterns as the basis for the cloths but I used 2 strands of thread for a few rows.  The 2 strands give the dish cloths a little more scrubbing power without making them super heavy.  So at night I worked on the dishcloths and in the daytime I worked on the aprons.

I really like this pattern and  I think Susan wil especially like the ruffles on the shoulder strap.  I used the dark pink to create this apron.


It is hard to see in the photo but I used bright pink ricrac around the pockets.


I made a traditional half apron with the light pink but I trimmed the pockets, sides and hem with lace.


The aprons were finished and I had just a little bit more to do and the dishcloths were done as well.


I have a friend who loves to scrapbook and she is making a congratulations card to include with the gift.  I will post photos when it is finished.  Now I just need to get the gift wrapped and it will be ready for our trip in a few weeks.


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