The Life of our Party

As I think of the many ways the Lord has blessed our family I can’t help but think of Caleb.  Caleb is 10 years old and is truly the comic relief in our family.

Caleb is absolutely adorable and the sweetest boy around.  He loves to have fun and has such a vivid imagination that he can have fun doing just about anything.  One day he is an FBI agent and you can only communicate with him if you know the secret code.  Another day he is an astronaut fighting space invaders, then another time he might be a pirate on the prowl for secret treasure. . .notice the FBI badge on his jacket.


Regardless of the role he is playing, Caleb immerses himself completely in that role.  It is not uncommon to have to recall him to reality to get him to accomplish the task at hand.

Caleb is a real joy to be around and he is adored by his younger sister.  The Lord truly blessed our family by sending us a bundle of joy named Caleb and we love him very much.


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