The Princess

I guess every family is blessed with a self-proclaimed prince or princess and Lauren is ours.  She is almost 9 years old and absolutely cannot wait to become a teen.


Lauren loves fashion, clothes, shoes, shopping and. . .make-up.  It is most disconcerting to her that she is not allowed to wear make-up and high heels outside of the house.

Lauren is all girl with just a touch of tomboy.  She moves like a grown-up lady, loves to have her hair curled and dress up, and yet will romp in the woods with the boys and come home a mess.

She is the apple of the whole family’s eye and I do believe she knows it.  The boys will cater to her, she emulates her older sister, her parents adore her and we just love her to pieces.  The Lord did indeed bless our family when He sent Lauren to us.


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