Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Good morning!  It is the beginning of December and if you don’t have the Christmas spirit yet you certainly should be working on it.  That special day will be here very soon!

We just returned from our Thanksgiving visit to South Carolina to be with our family and in just a few short weeks we will be returning to spend Christmas with them.  There is no time to waste, the grandchildren will be more than ready when December 25th rolls around. . .

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of this time of year I think it is important to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.  Yes, I know Jesus was not born in December.  I know a lot of the traditions we hold dear do not have Christian origins.  I know the marketing gurus have done all they can to make this a season of, “Give me…” and “I want…”.

But all that aside, the real reason we celebrate Christmas, is the same reason we go to church every Sunday, and it is the same reason we teach these things to our children and grandchildren.  We celebrate the Saviour coming to earth for us!

So as you go from store to store and party to party be sure to make the time to remember the reason for our celebrating.



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