Sleeping in Walnut Grove

One of my most popular items this year has been my Walnut Grove nightgown and mop cap.  Recently I had an order for 2 of these sets to be sent to New York and another set going to Oregon.  I decided it would be quicker working on these 3 outfits in assembly line fashion.

I gathered all the supplies and cut out each gown independently since they were all different sizes.


I use muslin to create these outfits because it gives them. . .a very authentic look.  One of the things that adds character to muslin is the imperfections in the weave.  If you look closely you will see a little red or blue which found it’s way into the fabric.


I used Cluny lace on the neck and sleeves because I love the softness of it.


The parents wanted the gowns ankle length and one wanted elbow length sleeves while the other wanted long sleeves.  I adjusted the pattern accordingly. 

One of the benefits of having items handmade is the versatility you have in designing your outfits.  The photos I used to advertise the gown and mop cap showed the gown mid-calf length with sleeves coming to the elbow.


Because each item is created individually and according to the measurements provided the parent has an opportunity to specify changes they would like to have made, like longer sleeves or hem lines.


These outfits are heading out tomorrow to be placed under some “Little House on the Prairie” fans’ Christmas tree.

I hope these young ladies love sleeping in the same style Laura wore!


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