A friend sent me this poem and I thought it was a great reminder of the important things in life.

Hobbies At My House by Mrs. Mark Yoder


Do you have a special hobby?
You asked me this question once;
Then I told you that I didn’t,
But I’ve thought about it since.

You mentioned that you have to have
A diversion of some kind;
To have to only cook and clean
Is something you would min.
I’ve thought about that often,
And I know just how you feel,
But if I’m looking at it right,
It’s not really such a deal.

I don’t have to have a hobby
Just to take my mind away,
For I find there are diversions
‘Most the whole way through my day.
If I’m happy with my calling,
They are there without mistake;
It depends on how you see them-
As a bother or a break.

There are times when I am busy,
Tired of rushing to and fro,
Then I hear my baby whimper;
Oh, she needs her mommy so.
Then I drop my work and take her
To the rocking chair with me,
There with feet propped up, relaxing,
I can read so blissfully.

Then sometimes while I am working,
And it’s boring, truthfully,
Little son will ask me sweetly,
“Mom, please sing a song to me.”
Then the boys all gather round me,
And we sing a song or two,
And before we know, we’re finished
With the work we have to do.

Other times for something diff’rent
We will hurry with our task,
Then with baby in the stroller,
We will in the sunshine bask;
As we stroll along the roadside,
Or the woods, where’er we please,
Children gather up the flowers,
Learn about the birds they see.

And it seems there’s always something
Needing sewn for family dear;
So if I get tired of cleaning,
This is sure to bring me cheer.
Or the calendar is saying
Birthdays coming for a few;
So I’ll take a break from duties;
Write those friends a line or two.

Then there are those special projects
Always waiting to be done:
Scrapbook page, photo albums,
Quilts so long ago begun.
Sure, I love to do these projects,
But I find that when I do.
More important things seem drudgery;
Just like you have said they do.

And the worst, I find, is trying
To be sweet and firm and true
When my family’s interfering
With the things I’d rather do.
So for now I’ll leave those hobbies-
I’ll have time some later day;
When my fam’ly’s trained and grown up
And each one has gone his way.

And for now I’ll be contented
Being mother, cook and maid,
For my fam’ly’s far too precious
For some hobby thus to trade.


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