An Eclectic Birthday Party

We went to South Carolina a couple weeks ago for our granddaughters’ birthday party.  Our oldest granddaughter, Lydia, turned 15 on the 7th and Lauren turned 9 on the 21st.  Every year they have one party for family and friends and celebrate both birthdays together.

This year the girls wanted a horse birthday cake.  Both girls love horses so this was an easy decision.  We made the cake together at their house. . .Lydia braided the bridle, Lauren placed the candies for the eyes and nose and I did the mane.


Mom and Dad were about to go buy the decorations when they remembered there were leftovers from last year’s party.  They asked the girls if they wanted new decorations or did they want to use the “Hello Kitty” items from last year.  The girls (Lauren) decided to have a Hello Kitty and Horse party-what a combination!


We had gone out earlier in the day to pick up a Christmas tree but it was not going to be decorated until after the party.  However, Lauren set out her gift bags under the tree for all her guests.


This party is a great time for me to get to visit with some friends that I don’t get to see very often.  Several families come together to make this a special event for the girls and so we can chat.


Lauren got her outfit, which I made, and a bracelet, my hubby made, from us. 


Lauren just loved showing off all her new things to Mom and Dad.


She also got a bunch of princess items, including an art set.  The girls had fun playing with that.


The real surprise of the party was Lydia’s gift and I will tell all about that next week.


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