We celebrated Christmas early last year (Dec. 20th) with our son and his family in South Carolina.  We returned home on the 22nd and for the most part Christmas was over for Larry and I.

Larry had to show up at work on Christmas eve so I decided to make the most of the day and paint the dining room, a job way past due.

I had already packed up everything in that room and moved the furniture out so I spent the day painting.  The rest of the house was a mess because everything was moved out of the dining room so I could paint.

Then Larry was off of work for 4 days and then I got orders for 2 pioneer outfits, and then I had to do inventory so the house remained topsy-turvy. . .

Inventory this year was a little slower because I moved all my supplies to a new closet.  So each piece of fabric needed to be refolded to fit in its new spot. 

Then I had to measure and count all the hairbow and crochet supplies.  What a chore!!

I guess it is a good thing I am required to do this once a year as it reminds me of items I have purchased, with an idea in mind, and then stored away until I get around to it.  Of course, I forget all about it until I come across it during inventory.  So there is a positive side to this process, but what a chore it is!!

Today our home is finally back to normal but it has been a very disconcerting few weeks as I struggled to find a place for all my treasures!


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