Deep Pockets

Earlier this year the CPSIA had decided to restrict sales to children of any item not tested for lead.  At that time I was sure my business would be changing direction but I was not sure how. 

Another circumstance caused me to consider a new possibility. 

Our local television station reported a purse snatching in the parking lot at one of our malls.  This caused me to think of how unsafe it is for women to carry a purse. 

When I am out running errands and pushing a shopping cart, fumbling with a grocery list and keys, I am especially vulnerable.  I began searching for some type of purse or bag that would be safer. 

I tried a money belt but it is not comfortable, nor is it convenient when I need to get money out to pay a cashier.

I started wearing only skirts and culottes with pockets and liked the freedom this gave me.  However, when I sat down I was always afraid the items in my pockets would fall out.  The answer seemed logical: Deep Pockets.

I decided to make myself a skirt with pockets that were deeper than normal to see how they worked.  I was so pleased that I decided to make some more.  I now have 4 skirts and 2 pairs of culottes.  I used various waistbands to see what would work the best and actually I like them all for different reasons.

This one is an A-line skirt made from khaki with a zipper in the back and front and back darts.


This skirt is made from blue weaver’s cloth.  It also has a zipper in the back and front and back

I also made culottes out of the blue weaver’s cloth.  The waist of these is flat in the front with elastic in the back.  I used buttonhole elastic to make them adjustable but I am not crazy about the way the waist bunches up around the buttons.

blue-culottesThis one is black with an elastic waist in the back and flat waist in the front.  I made the flat part of the waistband extend across the entire front and I used regular elastic.  It looks much nicer.


These culottes are a little darker khaki with an elastic waist in the back and flat in the front.



This is my favorite skirt.  It is bright red with little white daisies.  The skirt has pleats across the top and a back zipper.  When I finished the skirt was a little too big so I added elastic to the waist-this pulls it in just a little without messing up the pleats.




I just love my deep pocket outfits.  All of these are very comfortable and the pockets are great-wallet and keys in one and cell phone in the other.  I have not worked out all the bugs yet but I am working on them and hope to offer these in my store very soon.


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