Return to Business

In January I was unsure of what would happen  with my business because of the CPSIA law so I did not offer to create any new pioneer outfits.  The bill has been amended and it is time to return to business.

I have decided to cut back a little on my sewing this year because of many projects around the house that require my attention.  My husband suggested a good way to build an inventory while creating custom outfits would be to cut out 2 outfits at a time.  Whenever someone ordered a custom outfit I would cut it out along with another one in the same size.  What a great idea!!  Isn’t he brilliant!

So today I cut out 2 outfits.  These are the fabrics I used, both of them are perfect for springtime.  The lavender is being created for a little sweetie in California.  Her mom, Christal, also ordered her a matching doll outfit.

The lavender is one of my all time favorites for the “Little House on the Prairie” outfits.  It is top quality, a beautiful print and washes up really nice-needs almost no ironing.

The pink is a new fabric I found with black highlights and outlines.  It is also a very nice weight fabric and will make a really nice Laura Ingalls outfit.

Both of these are all cut out and tomorrow I begin the process of assembling them.


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