A Gift for A Doll

The last time we visited South Carolina our oldest granddaughter, Lydia, asked me for some pockets in her culottes.

Lydia loves horses and works with another young girl at the stables on the weekend.  The girls use cell phones to communicate with each other while working in the pastures.  Lydia needs pockets for the cell phone.

I will be back in South Carolina this weekend so I thought I would make her a couple pair to surprise her.  I had purchased these two pieces of fabric with her in mind and decided to use them.


I used the design for deep pockets on which I have been working.  I made the culottes like the ones I sell with a center pleat in the front and back.  This is our favorite pattern for culottes-they are so comfortable.

Lydia’s favorite color is purple so I know she will love these.  I try to keep her in supply of purple culottes.


The culottes are something she has not had for awhile but I think she will like these.


So as I head to South Carolina this weekend I will be bringing Lydia, our doll, a gift of two new pairs of culottes!  Hope you like them, Doll!!


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