Going Riding!!

Last year I wrote about my granddaughter beginning to take horseback riding lessons and our quest for modest riding clothes for her.

A customer, Linda, read that article and contacted me about some culottes to be adapted for her daughter.  Her daughter wanted a khaki colored stretch fabric.  I could not find a khaki colored knit that would be suitable for the culottes but I did find a stretch poplin that would work great.

Stretch poplin looks like cotton broadcloth but it has a slight stretch to it.  It can be machine washed and ironed with a warm iron.

Linda selected this pattern as a basis for the culottes.


She wanted the legs tapered down so her daughter’s chaps would fit over the bottom of the culottes but she did want the top full so they would be modest.


This shows how I folded the pattern under to taper the legs and I made them a few inches longer.  It is important that the bottom of the culottes are long enough to go under the chaps to keep the chaps from rubbing on the legs. 

The finished culottes have a narrow yoke at the top and an elastic waist.  They are full at the top and taper down at the legs.


These will be heading to Linda this week.  Hope her daughter is pleased.


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