Our Spring Garden

We have been working at getting our garden planted for this Spring. Our yard is full of trees so it is impossible to keep leaves out of the garden but, you can see the plants peeking out of the ground.

This is a blueberry bush.  We have planted two of these in our garden.  Our grandson, Christian, loves blueberries, so these were planted with him in mind.

This is an apple tree.  We planted an Anna Apple tree and …a Dorsett Apple tree.  These trees are specifically designed for the southern garden so we are hoping they produce fruit for us.

These are some of our baby pumpkins.  Last year we lost all of our squash plants to the insects so we are really hoping these survive.

These are peppers.  We have planted green peppers and chili peppers.  Both of these should do well in our yard.

We are counting on these to produce and produce for us this summer.  This is a tomato plant and we have over 20 of these.

Beans are another staple of our garden.  If the Lord blesses, we should have tons of beans this year.

This is a small patch of corn.  If you look closely you can see some animal visited and chomped off the tops of some of the plants.  We are on the lookout for the little critter but in the meantime, I sprinkled cayenne pepper on them.

This is wheat.  My hubby planted this last fall and it is our first attempt at this grain.  Looks like it is doing pretty good so far.

We also have onions, garlic and cucumbers planted but they were not big enough to photograph yet.  In the near future we will get our squash and another patch of corn and beans planted.

If we are successful and the Lord is gracious to us we will have a bumper crop of veggies this year.


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