A Meeting of the Ladies

The ladies in our church have decided to do a Bible study based on the book Feminine Appeal:  Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney.  This study is based on Titus 2:4-5.


We started a couple weeks ago and the first week was an introduction.  Our homework was to ask our husbands which of the seven virtues: loving our husbands, loving our children, self-control, purity, working at home, kindness, and submission they would like us to develop as we go through this study. 

My husband said self-control, and this is because I am obsessive.  I can’t stand to go to bed leaving dishes in the sink.  I am working on this, but it is slow going!!  Hopefully, this study will help me.

This week’s lesson turned out to be quite different.  It was about the importance of loving our husbands and it was quite convicting. 

The ‘love’ referred to in Titus 2 is a tender, affectionate, passionate type of love.  This is the love we show each other as newlyweds, when we gladly do all those little things that please our mate.  That was then and this is now!!

A couple of the ladies in the group have been married over 30 years (myself included) and this was a difficult lesson for us.  Mrs. Mahaney reminded us of so many things we should be doing to show our love for our husbands and those of us who have been married for such a long time all agreed, these are things we used to do!!

How very convicting!  This lesson was so difficult for us that we did not complete it.  So this week I need to  re-read this chapter and start putting into practice some of those special things to let my husband know how very important he is.


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