Benefitting from the Recession

We were visiting one of our local shopping areas and saw that the fabric department was closing.  I had heard rumors of this but was still surprised to see all the fabric was 50% off.

There was still a nice selection of fabrics left and I got some real bargains.  I will not be able to replace these fabrics, so I will not offer them as customs, but will use them to create pioneer outfits for my inventory.  I really need to have a nice supply of the prairie dresses when the Halloween rush starts.

The sunflowers and checks in this fabrics will really make a lovely pioneer outfit.

This lovely cream fabric …with burgundy flower is absolutely lovely.

A really cute pastel patchwork-I can just picture this with a white pinafore.  Too cute!!

This sweet fabric with tiny flowers is absolutely precious.

After I got home I realized that the patchwork and tiny floral are complimentary fabrics.

Too bad I didn’t have this a few weeks ago, this would have made a great Easter outfit; the dress out of the patchwork and the pinafore out of the tiny floral fabric, or vice versa.

It sure was fun shopping the sale, even my hubby helped!!  We were sad to see the fabric department close but very happy to benefit from this sign of the recession.


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