Pink, Pink, Pink, and Denim

I had to pick up some fabric for a customer on Saturday so my dear, sweet hubby and I stopped at my favorite fabric shop in the midst of our weekend errands.

Let me interrupt here to say that I have the best hubby.  He actually enjoys helping me select fabrics for the pioneer outfits.  Since my favorite shop is very near his work, he will even stop in and pick up something for me during his lunch break.  He really does help me a lot with my business.

Now back to pink, pink, pink, and denim.  I found the fabric I needed and was looking at the denim for another customer (more about this in a moment).  He was browsing the calico fabric and found the cutest pinks. 

Pink is THE color for girls.  A great many of the little ones who enjoy these pioneer outfits love pink.  It does not seem to matter to them that Laura Ingalls never wore pink and I would certainly not tell them.  If they want pink that is fine with me.

These are the pinks he found.  They are all a very pretty bright pink (even though they look a little purple in the photos).

This one is pink with white trailing flowers.  It looks so elegant and is a very nice quality.


I have been trying to decide on this one for awhile but when he thought it would be cute I decided to get it.  It has a white background with pink stripes and flowers.


Last but not least is this brand new fabric.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The salesclerk says she sells it as fast as she can get it in the store.  Pink on pink paisley and the quality is superb.


I also found the denim I need.  Sue, in Texas, contacted me about some modest skorts.  She wanted denim and I was on a quest to try to find a good deal on denim, which is not always easy. 

The salesclerk had just received a markdown sheet and she had some stretch denim ready to be reduced.  I was so excited because I saved $5 a yard.  The denim is lightweight which is necessary for skorts because of all the layers. 

So my customer is happy.  I am happy and my hubby was happy because I took him out to dinner after our shopping trip!  A great weekend excursion.


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