A Husband Like None Other

I have said this before but it bears repeating, “I have the best husband ever!!”

My hubby, Larry, had a business meeting in a neighboring state and he invited me to go with him.  This is not unusual, he invites me almost everytime he travels but my work load does not always coordinate with his and I don’t get to go very often.

Yesterday he had to go to Orange Beach, AL.  Orange Beach is in the very southern tip of Alabama very close to the Florida border and Pensacola, FL is only 30 minutes from the place he was visiting.

Pensacola just happens to have two of my favorite fabric stores and both of them are larger size stores.  So we planned our day to include some fabric shopping.

We woke up early and drove to Pensacola, had breakfast and arrived at the stores just as they were opening.  We spent 2 hours fabric shopping.   Now, how many husbands would do that?  And he helped me pick out appropriate fabrics for the pioneer dresses!!  Isn’t he great!  (I will share photos of my newest treasures soon.)

We left Pensacola and I dropped him off for his meeting.  I had lunch and visited a few of the local stores.  I had just arrived at the Foley, AL factory stores when Larry called to say he was finished for the day.  Yahoo!!!

I picked him up and he asked if I wanted to return to the factory stores.  Now granted, he doesn’t shop like a woman does and visit all the stores and browse, but he did take me to the few stores I especially wanted to visit. 

From there we headed north and back to Interstate 10.  On the way I asked if we could stop for a cold drink, and we did.  I asked if we could stop at a farmer’s market and we did. 

I was so excited.  We picked up lots of fresh fruit and veggies: strawberries, oranges, squash, tomatoes, spinach and grapes.  Then back on the road heading to the interstate.

Finally heading home and we stopped at a Bass Pro Shop.  These stores are always fun to visit and browse.  We spent a bit of time here and then once again headed home.

We were both very tired but we had such a fun day.  We got to spend most of the day together doing fun things and he really did cater to all my whims!  Like I said, Isn’t he great!!


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