Spring Means Baseball

And that means we headed to South Carolina to watch our grandchildren play ball. 

The three younger children (ages 14, 11, and 9) are playing and the older girl (15) is helping her mom coach.

Every year we try to come up on a weekend when all 3 of them have a game so we can see everyone play.

We had a good trip up here and last night the youngest girl played.  Her team won 12-5 (for which we are very thankful).  She was so excited that we got to see her team win.  Unfortunately, even though she got 3 good hits, she did not make it to first base.  She did however, hit in a run!!!  Yeah, Lauren!!

Today we get to see the 2 boys play.  The younger is hoping to get a chance to pitch.  He has been taking private lessons for awhile and we are all hoping he does well today so he can show off for his grandparents.

The older boy has been hitting really well this year so we are hoping to see a homerun today.

Whatever the outcome, we are very thankful to have the opportunity to visit with our family.


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