Garden Update

Our garden is doing much better, so far, than last year.  Our beans are growing like weeds and should start producing fruit soon.

We also have several pepper …plants that are doing well.

Our blueberry bushes are beginning to produce new leaves and show signs of growth.

This is the corn that was nibbled upon by rabbits earlier this year.  It has come back and is growing nicely.

Some of our other plants are not doing so well.  As a matter of fact, everyone of our tomato plants has developed a fungal disease called Verticillium Wilt.

The plants all have dark spots on the stems and the leaves look dried up and wilted.

This raised bed had to be cleared out because all of the tomatoes and peppers in this bed were infected.

I have started some new tomato plants but am not sure if they will grow large enough to produce fruit before the summer heat comes, but I had to try.  More photos when and if they make it!


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