A Pioneer Girl Birthday

A customer from Indiana, Jen, ordered a birthday outfit for her little one.  Jen says that her daughter is addicted to ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and will be so excited to receive this gift.

She decided on this fabric with white daisies on a blue background.  This fabric is available in blue and green and is very popular.

Jen wanted a yellow pinafore to match …the center of the daisies so I hit the stores and this is what I found.


She thought white would get dirty way too fast.

The outfit is for a young girl who wears about a size 5-6.  The smaller outfits go together much quicker since I don’t have to deal with long pieces of fabric.

She also wanted short sleeves with the lace on the edge.  Her dress is so cute with the ruffles over the sleeve.  Short sleeves really make so much sense for the hot summer days .


The pinafore is so cute in golden yellow.  I just love the ruffle on the bottom of these pinafores.


And the completed outfit looks so cute!


The birthday is the 18th of this month and I was not sure if I could finish the outfit in time but, I managed to complete the previous order a few days early and she should have it in time.  I really do not like to disappoint customers so I was very happy to have gained a couple of days.  Hope the birthday is a big success!


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