Fabric, Fabric and Fabric

Whien I began sewing for customers 5 years ago my husband gave up his home office for me to use as a studio.  Included in this studio is an 8 foot closet with bookshelves.  It did not take me long to fill those shelves with fabric and for the fabric to become an unruly mess.

In the last year it has become necessary… to give up my closet so it could be used for more important (not my opinion!!) things.  So my fabric had to be moved to a computer cabinet.  I had way too much fabric to fit in this cabinet so space bags came to the rescue.

One of my customers likes to select her own fabric and send it to me so when she is ready to order she will have lots to choose from and I will already have it on hand.  I put her fabric in space bags and tucked it under the guest room bed.

I also packed away in space bags all of my out of season fabric-winter prints, corduroy, flannel, etc. and tucked that under my bed.

Then I was left with the fabric I need to keep handy.  This is just a very small portion of the mess that took me weeks to get organized.


I started bringing home the empty cardboard that fabric is stored on in the stores.  I cut each one in half.  Then after the fabric is washed I fold it in half, matching the selvages and then in half again, bringing the fold to the selvage.  This will wrap perfectly around my cardboard and stores very neatly.


This works great for all 44-45″ fabric. 

I wanted to put the wider fabric on the bottom and the space was an odd size.  So it takes a little more time but the finished look is definitely worth it.  I cut the piece of cardboard to fit in the space and fold the fabric so it fits on the cardboard.


All of the leftover fabric from the pioneer outfits goes rolled up on the shelf over the drawer.  This can be used for doll outfits, bonnets or the dress lining.

The drawer holds all my laces.

Now everything is neat and tidy and I don’t miss my big closet quite as much, but it would be nice…


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