A Major Undertaking

Does your garage look like mine?  A total mess with things piled up and just barely enough room for a car. 


Garden tools get piled up in the corner …and the top of the cabinet is a disaster.

Or does yours look like some of our neighbors with hardly anything in the garage?  They have nice clean floors and lots of room.  I don’t know where they store the garden equipment but the garage looks like a model home garage.

We decided it was time to do a major redo on the garage.  This means painting, new shelving and lots of heavy moving.  We have been in our house about 12 years and have never painted the garage so it still has contractors paint on the walls-well, whatever is left of the cheap paint they use.

Over the years we have installed giant hooks for tools and bikes.  We  have had a water heater moved into the garage.  And Hurricane Katrina sent a small branch through the garage roof causing a minor leak which left a water spot.  All of this needs repairing before we can paint.

This job is going to take awhile and we can’t move everything out of the garage.  Instead we cleared 2 walls and moved all the paraphernalia to the center of the floor. 


I removed all the hooks, sprayed Kilz on the water stain and started applying spackling to the holes.  This is such a messy job and the cobwebs are just plain nasty, but all holes have now been repaired.


One wall I really hate to repaint is the wall we have used to measure our grandchildren’s growth since we moved into the house.


We copied down all the names and dates and very carefully took the measurements.  We are looking for some growth charts for all this valuable information but they need to be 6′ since some of our grandchildren are almost that tall, and yes, they still want to be measured everytime they visit.  I hope they never lose that childlike curiosity.

The walls are all repaired and ready for paint.  Back with more photos as the work progresses.


2 Responses to A Major Undertaking

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, What do you think about framing that portion of wall off with a little frame made from moulding? It could be your garage art!

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    We considered that idea but there just was not enough room. The measurements are right up against the electrical panel. So paint is the only option.

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