A Major Undertaking Part 2

We have been working on our garage and trying to turn it from this mess…


into something manageable.  We don’t necessarily want to make Home & Garden’s cover with this makeover but we do need to get things organized.

All of the patching on the walls is finished and the next job was to paint.  I spent all of last week painting the walls and ceiling.  They have been transformed from this…


into this.


And yes, I just about cried when I painted over the wall we use to measure our grandchildren.


It is now nice and clean with fresh paint.


We use Behr paint because of our history with this product.  The first time we repainted our home we decided to splurge on the more expensive paint because at the time our 2 older grandchildren were 4 and 2 years old.  They lived near us and visited often, so our walls were full of fingerprints.

Behr paint turned out to be the best investment we could have made (no, my hubby does not work for them, nor do we get a discount for saying this.  It happens to be true.).  It held up beautifully through the children and the next 2 grandchildren when they came along.  It covers wonderfully and is almost waterproof.

We were so impressed with its durability that we recommended it to our church when it was time to paint the building.  What a great investment that turned out to be!  Hurricane Katrina blew out one of the front doors of the building and the wind and water blew into the vestibule.  When the storm was over and the cleanup began, we only needed to wipe the walls down!  The Behr paint protected them from damage. 

So when it came time to choose a paint for the garage there was no question-it had to be Behr.  The finished paint job, with only one coat of paint, proves the quality of this product.  Too bad I don’t work for Behr, I would get a bonus for all this bragging on them!

Back to the organizing, we have purchased some of these giant bookcases (4 ft x 8 ft x 24 in) and plan to use them in different configurations.  Hopefully this will give us a neater, more organized garage which will include work areas for gardening and woodworking.


Now comes the really hard part of deciding how to organize everything. I will post pictures of the completed project when all is done!


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