The Calm Before The Storm

April and May have been banner sales months for me.  I am very grateful for the school in TN that sent my website home as a source for pioneer outfits for their students.  This resulted in many sales for me.

Across the country many schools have celebrated ‘Pioneer Days’ and the children have had the opportunity to dress up as one of the pioneers of our nation.  This has also brought me many sales.

My original plan for this year was each time I would receive an order for a pioneer outfit, I would cut out a second one in that size and create it to have in inventory for the busy Fall season.  I had to abandon that plan when the orders started pouring in and I just did not have time to work on inventory.

I set aside the items I had cut out until business slowed down.  My project for this week has been completing these items.  I really dislike having to set a project aside and come back to it.  It seems like it takes forever to get organized so I can begin the work.  But it had to be done and I am well on my way to accomplishing my goal for the week.

I have completed 3 pinafores and 3 dresses.  Today I hope to complete 4 bonnets and 2 pinafores.  These are all the items that have previously been cut out.  Then I will need to review my inventory and determine what still remains to be done.

Once all the items are complete I will be able to take photos and start listing them as ready to ship.  This is my favorite part of my job because all the work is done ahead of time so when an item sells all I need do is package and ship it. 

My plan for the next couple of months is to build my inventory so when the busy Halloween and Fall seasons arrive I will have many item from which my customers can choose.  And I will reap the benefits of having prepared in advance!


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