Saturday night we were relaxing and watching TV when my hubby, Larry, started having stomach/chest pains.  They started around 9 PM and by midnight he had decided we better head to the ER to have him checked.

If you are a regular reader you might recall that Larry had bypass surgery 2 years ago.  Because of this history we thought it was best not to take a chance.  So we rushed off to the hospital.


The emergency room …tested his blood and told us they did not think he was having a heart attack but they wanted to keep him overnight for monitoring.  This was the beginning of a long weekend.

Sunday they began running a series of blood tests, EKG’s and other heart tests.  It was a busy day but I am glad to report all the tests came back negative.  The cardiologist still wanted to run a stress test to be sure there was no hidden problem.

He began fasting Sunday night and they did the stress test Monday and all is fine with his heart.  Thank you, Lord!!

The next step was to speak with a gastro doctor.  This doctor said Larry’s symptoms sounded like gall bladder problems and he ordered a sonogram to check for gall stones.

This test came back positive.  It appears that all of the pain Larry has been suffering off and on, for the past 2 years, is a result of gall stones. 

Of course, the traditional treatment is to have the gall bladder removed.  Most medical professionals feel the body can exist just fine without the gall bladder.  We, on the other hand, do not believe God put any ‘extra’ or ‘unnecessary’ parts in the body, so we are seeking out less intrusive treatments.

We have appointments to visit the gastro doctor in a couple of weeks.  I am sure he will not be thrilled with our decision to seek homeopathic treatments but we feel we should exhaust all of these before agreeing to surgery.

So we are on a quest for information, advice and guidance for a more natural treatment of this very common malady and we are praying God will intervene and heal Larry completely.

We returned home Monday afternoon and rested so well that night.  There is no such thing as resting in a hospital!


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