Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season for us.  This is not an event we anticipate with joy but it is something for which everyone in this area should be preparing.

Living in a coastal environment makes you very vulnerable to the weather and you quickly learn to be alert to changes in it.  We, who live in this area, know how quickly the thunderstorms can begin on a beautiful sunny day.  We know how our temperature can reach from freezing to spring in one day.  And we know the devastation that can result from a hurricane.

For this reason our family tries to be prepared (as prepared as possible) when June 1st rolls around.  We have stockpiled enough drinking water for 2 weeks.  We have canned foods that can be eaten cold or heated on a small stove that does not require much fuel.  We have saved rainwater for watering the garden in the intense heat that normally follows a storm.  We have first aid kits and medicines for evacuating and for our return.  And we are filling our many gas cans in case we do need to evacuate.

These preparations are easy and they could be lifesavers if another severe storm were to hit our area.  I pray that others in this region are taking serious the warnings issued by the Red Cross and Emergency Management Teams to plan ahead.  It really could save your life.


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