Modesty-Is it a lost quality?

I have had another customer contact me about modest clothing for her daughters.  It seems finding modest items in the retail world is very difficult; I know this from shopping with my granddaughters.

Of course, the pioneer outfits I create are very modest but they are also very old fashioned and not appropriate for everyday wear.  However, the bloomers worn under any skirt help every young lady stay modest.

As I was searching my past creations looking for ideas to share with this customer, I came across some outfits that definitely pass the modesty test.

This outfit is a high yoked blouse with short puffy sleeves and ties in the back.  The skirt has an elastic waist is very full with a ruffle on the bottom.

Another popular idea is a twirl skirt with a ribbon tee.  I love decorating tee shirts with ribbon and buttons.

This is a cute idea-a dress over a dress.  The over dress is beige with dark blue flowers.  It has cap sleeves and a high waist. 

The under dress (which can double as a jumper) is an adorable dark blue with beige flowers.  Both of these dresses have a high waist.

Another idea is to adapt one of the prairie dresses to bring it up to date.  Either of these dresses could be shortened just a bit and the sleeves puffed up and they would be totally up-to-date!


This customer has not decided on her order yet but with many items from which to choose I am sure I can help her with modest clothing for her young girls.


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