My Best Customer

Lisa lives in California and she is by far my best customer.  We met through Ebay about 4 years ago.  Lisa bought a dress for her little girl, Amanda, and we started visiting each other via the phone.  We quickly became friends and Lisa allows me to create most of Amanda’s clothing.

Lisa goes shopping for fabric, when she finds something she likes she sends it to me.  I now have a whole assortment of fabric (over 80 different pieces) that belong to her.  I have an online photo gallery set up with a picture of each of her fabrics.  When it is time for Amanda to get new clothing she contacts me and we go over her fabric photos so she can decide which pieces she would like me to use and whether she wants a dress, skirt or jumper.  Then she leaves the final details to me.

She contacted me last week about back-to-school clothes for Amanda.  We looked over her fabric photos and she selected the ones for me to use.  This is the pile of work she has assigned to me.


She has selected these fabrics to make skirts for Amanda.  The bright blue …has bugs and flowers all over it.  The pastel is full of cars and stop lights.  The skirts will be drop waist with gathers around the midriff.  Lisa likes Amanda’s skirts to come mid-calf.  They are a little long the first year but she can wear them for several years by using tights or leggings.  This way they get their money’s worth out of their handmade clothing.


The next fabric is a lightweight cotton with blue butterflies.  Since this fabric is lightweight I thought the pleats would look really cute.


This is a Daisy Kingdom patchwork fabric and we both thought it would be cute as a multi-tiered skirt.


These three fabrics were purchased with the thought of a multi-tiered skirt but to add a little pizzazz I thought a flouncy skirt would be cute. 


This black fabric is full of bright flowers.  Lisa wanted to use it as a jumper.  I like the top jumper for this fabric.  It buttons all the way up the front and has a slightly raised waist.


School days will be welcomed by Amanda in a jumper made out of this bright school days fabric.


This last outfit consists of 2 pieces.  It is 2 dresses which can be worn over each other or separately.  The 2 fabrics are so cute and should make an adorable outfit.


So I will be busy for the next week or so working on Amanda’s back-to-school wardrobe.  I will post photos as I make progress.


3 Responses to My Best Customer

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, Can’t wait to see these made up.

  2. lsadog822 says:

    Patti, so cute!!! I love it all. I really like the idea of the pleated skirt. the ones in the stores are just too short 🙂 I am so excited. You are the BEST seamstress I have ever come across, BEST quality. Amanda gets years out of her outfits from you. We love you Patti!!! Thank you so much for all you do, Amanda is the best dress girl in town!!!

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