Making Progress

I wrote a few days ago about the back-to-school order from my customer, Lisa, in California.  I have been working diligently trying to make some progress on her order.  Lisa’s daughter, Amanda, starts school in the middle of August and I need to get her new clothes to her in time.

Lisa also ordered some pajama pants for her son, Daniel.  Since the pants go together so quickly I decided to do them first.  Their family loves Nascar and Daniel’s fabric definitely represents it.

Once the pjs were complete I was able to start on Amanda’s outfits.  This first one is made from a back-to-school fabric.  It is bright and colorful and so cute.  The jumper has 5 buttons in the front and a high yoke.

I found some really cute buttons to go with this fabric.

There was enough of this fabric to add a growth tuck on the bottom.  Amanada will be able to wear this dress for a couple years.

The next outfit I worked on was another jumper.  This one buttons all the way up the front and also has a high waist.

The back of this jumper has a tie to keep it neat.

I still have quite a few pieces left to work on but at least I am making progress.  Hope Lisa and Amanda like the outfits!


One Response to Making Progress

  1. lsadog822 says:

    We LOVE them!!! You always do a GREAT job, we are always very happy!!! Your happiest customer in California… Thanks Patti!!!

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