A Brand New Customer

A new customer, Natacha, contacted me about modest clothing for her daughters.  She has 2 daughters, ages 7 and 13,  and is trying to teach them to dress modestly.

Natacha placed an order for her 7 year old and she let her daughter design the outfits.  This child did a great job of choosing fabrics to coordinate and selecting patterns suitable for her age.  I only wish my photos did a better job of showing how cute these turned out.

The first item she selected is an apron.  She had seen one on my website that she liked and wanted something similar.  She loves purple so my job was to find a variety of fabrics from which she could choose.  The apron is reversible, one side is a lavender with bees and flowers…

and the other side is a violet …with slightly darker violet flowers.  I don’t have a pattern for this apron, for a child, so I had to create one.  I hope it fits!

The next item she wanted was a pioneer outfit, in her signature color.  Once again the 7 year old child selected the fabrics from the assortment I sent her.  The result is adorable.  This is the 3 piece (dress, pinafore, and bonnet) pioneer outfit and if you look closely you can see she added bloomers underneath.

This is the dress fabric, the pinafore back (showing the 3 buttons at the top) and the bloomers.

This child also loves horses.  Natacha had asked me to be on the lookout for some fabric with horses.  This was the only one I could find.

The daughter wanted a nightgown made from this fabric.  I was not too sure about this but it sure came out cute.  Once again I wish my photos were better because this gown is really adorable.  I had just a little extra fabric so I made a mop cap to match.  She will have sweet dreams in this adorable nightie!

I was very impressed with this young designer’s choices.  I think she did a great job and her outfits are on the way to her right now.


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