My New Toy (Ahem… I mean appliance)

I have been reading about the Food Saver for awhile and it came so highly recommended that I did extensive reasearch to make sure it would fit our needs. 

Food Savers are not cheap and I did not want to waste the money on something I would not use.   I wanted to make sure it did create a vaccuum seal on the bags as well as jars and canisters.  After much deliberation and soul searching I decided to take the plunge.

This is the model I selected.

food saver

I liked the fact that it was upright instead of flat.  It has storage inside for bags and has a detachable hose for use on canisters.

I  had a bunch of cucumbers and sweet peppers that I had not had a chance to use.  I vaccuum sealed them in Food Saver bags and so far they are just as fresh as when I put them in. 

I also purchased a few canisters/bowls for use with the Food Saver.  I have some Banana Nut Muffins in one of these.  The muffins are over a week old (I made them before I got the Food Saver) and still fresh-and no mold!!

I have had my Food Saver for about a week and I really love it.  I need to buy the attachment that seals mason jars and a few more rolls of bags and I will be set for awhile.

I am so pleased with this new toy, oops, I mean appliance.  I can’t wait to see what new uses I will find for it.


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