Building Up The Inventory

I have been very busy the last couple weeks creating outfits for my inventory.  In the next few weeks, if this year is typical, my business will really increase.  It seems that little girls never get tired of dressing like Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.  This is really good news for me since that is the main item I sell!

I am trying to get a little head start on what will hopefully be another busy season for me.  So far I only have about a half dozen dresses created and that is nowhere near enough.  Orders are starting to drift in slowly and I have been cutting out an extra outfit as often as possible.   So slowly, slowly I am getting  a small inventory created.

These are my latest additions.  This fabric is so cute, lime green with red ladybugs.  It is a modern day version of Laura’s outfits.

I have a granddaughter who would …absolutely love this outfit.  She loves lime green and she loves ladybugs.

This is a soft ecru with salmon flowers.  This fabric lends a romantic touch to the colonial style clothing.

The bonnet shows how soft and sweet this fabric is.

Wine colored calico with tiny ecru accents make this a very dramatic prairie outfit.  When the ecru pinafore is added this outfit becomes very striking.

Here is a close up of the yoke showing the tiny details in the fabric .

The last new addition is a floral fabric on a navy background.  This outfit is so sweet and cute.

This fabric is gorgeous.  The deep blue with flowers is really pretty.

Hopefully I will be able to add some more outfits in the near future.  I sure hope this year turns out to be as profitable as the last few have been.



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