Hair Care

I was reading a blog a few weeks ago and the lady suggested using apple cider vinegar instead of cream rinse on your hair. I have read this before but apple cider vinegar has such a strong odor that I just was not sure I wanted to try it.  However, I have been using handmade bar soap on my hair and have seen an improvement in the texture so I thought I would give it a try.  Handmade soap bars do not contain any detergents, as most commercial brands do.


I used Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar because it does not contain the ‘mother’ …like some others.  The ‘mother’ is a cobweb like substance floating in the vinegar.  Mother is only found in organic vinegars.  I think this would be yucky in your hair so I decided to use the Heinz and forego the ‘mother’. 

Commercial rinses contain waxes and other chemicals that can damage your hair so vinegar is a much better choice.

The first time I used the vinegar I was very pleased.  The comb went through my hair and no tangles, wow!  That was definitely worth the smell (which by the way does not stay in your hair). 

I have continued to use the vinegar for a couple of weeks and some of the time the tangles are not gone when I rinse it.  I think I discovered the secret.  When I use the bar shampoo the vinegar removes the tangles but if I use bottled shampoo the tangles remain.  I don’t understand why but that has been my experience.

Vinegar is very good for your scalp and helps eliminate itchy scalp.  I have also discovered it gives my hair more shine and makes it much more managable.  My hair is normally dry and fly away but the vinegar helps keep it neater.  So I have continued to use the vinegar and am very pleased with the results. 

Hold your nose and give it a try!


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