Heading Home

What a great holiday weekend!  We left Thursday and spent the night in Newnan, GA (just outside of Atlanta). 

Friday morning we drove to Woodstock, GA to visit Bread Beckers.  This is where we pick up our bread baking supplies.  It is a little out of our way but it saves us a lot on shipping so we try to visit when we are in the area.

We arrived at our son’s home … Friday afternoon.  That evening we all relaxed together.  The next day my daughter-in-law, 2 granddaughters and I went shopping.  We had such a good time together trying on clothes and searching for bargains.

Sunday was church most of the day and then home to relax.  Unfortunately Sunday night Larry, my hubby, started feeling bad.  He had been fighting an allergy attack since we left home and it finally got the better of him. 

By Monday he was quite congested and feeling lousy so the boys stayed home and watched movies with him and the girls went shopping again.  We visited a little shopping area we had not previously explored.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed our time together.

Larry slept a lot of the day so by nightfall he was feeling a little better.  I will dose him up with meds so he will get a good night’s sleep because we are heading home early in the morning.

I received a couple of orders while we were out of town so once we get home I will be busy again!  In the meantime tomorrow we have a loooong drive and hope to arrive before dark.

We had a nice weekend (except the part about Larry getting sick).  Thanks, Shannon!  See you again in a couple of months!


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