Fall Garden-Maybe, Maybe Not

It is past time for us to start on our Fall garden but circumstances are really keeping us otherwise occupied.

A few months ago my hubby, Larry, decided since we have had so many problems with our previous gardens that we would start from scratch.  We began clearing a section in our backyard of all weeds, grass, roots, etc.  This was a major job.  It took us a couple of weeks just to get the area cleared.

Larry built some 4′ x 2′ raised beds.  We covered the entire cleared area with newspaper then put the raised beds on top with enough room to walk and push a wheelbarrow between them.

We got the area cleared.  We placed 2 of the raised beds and filled them with a soil mixture.  The green fencing on top is to keep the neighbor’s cats from bedding down in our garden.


We were all ready to start, then the problems began.

First, we have had a ton of rain-1 week delay.   Then Larry hurt his foot-second week delay.  We went out of town-third week delay.  We are both ill with a bad allergy attack and it is raining again-4th week delay.  So we are now a month behind schedule on our Fall garden and no telling when we will be able to get back outside to work.

In the meantime the neighborhood cats love our nice soft dirt so much that they took to sleeping in the raised beds.  We covered the beds with some heavy cardboard and that has kept them away so far.  Not sure what we will do when we actually get to plant something in these beds.

The good news is that some of the plants we thought we had lost this summer have started coming back.  We have gotten quite a few beans and there are many more out there getting big enough to pick.  We even have some peppers beginning to grow.

So our garden is not completely on hold but I am not sure what challenges the Lord has ahead for us.  Fall garden in the ground and growing, maybe, maybe not.


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