The Busiest Week of the Year

October is truly my busiest month of the year and this week will be my busiest week of this year.  I have been selling and creating Pebbles and BamBam costumes for the last couple of weeks.  I have finally completed all of those and now it is time to get busy on the pioneer outfits.

Most of my inventory items have been sold and delivered.  Now I have to create the custom outfits I have sold.  So this week I will be working on 9 pioneer outfits for my little customers.

I have spent the last few days cutting out all 9 outfits.  All of the interfacing has been applied and all the casings have been ironed.  So now I am ready to begin sewing.

Monday I started working… on these outfits.  I will work on these in an assembly line fashion beginning with the yokes and collars.  Once I get all 9 yokes complete I will begin working on the skirts. 

A continuous lap will be inserted in the front of each skirt.  Next I will do all the gathering for the entire outfits.  This includes the front and back skirt, the ruffle on the sleeves, the sleeves, and the bonnet.  This way I only have to set up the serger for gathering one time.

The next step is attaching the skirts to the yokes.  Then comes the sleeves, side seams, elastic in the sleeves and hems.  Voila! the dresses are complete.

The bonnets will go together fairly quickly since the gathering is done and the interfacing has already been applied.  The first step is the brim, applying the facing to the top.  Next the ties are sewn and turned inside out then attached to the bonnet.  Lastly the brim is attached. 

The last step will be assembling the pinafores.  the fronts and backs are sewn together at the shoulder and the facing front and backs are also sewn together at the shoulder.  The facings are then attached to the front and back.  Next the side seams are done.  The ruffles on the bottom of the pinafores are attached using the serger.  This allows me to gather and attach in one step, so much faster than the old-fashioned way.  Finishing the pinafores includes buttonholes, buttons, securing the facings and a small hem in the bottom of the ruffle.

Well, that is my plan for the week.  With a little help from the Lord I hope to complete all 9 this week!  I will report on the progress at the end of the week.


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