Pioneer Progress

As I reported earlier this week, I am working diligently on 9 pioneer outfits.  I have been getting an early start each day and am happy to report I am making very good progress.

The unusual thing about these 9 orders is that several of the fabrics were chosen by more than one customer.  Two of my little ladies selected each of these fabrics:

In order to keep them separate, I decided to work on one outfit in each of those fabrics first.  Then when these 4 outfits were complete, I would begin the last 5.

Monday I began working on the first 4 orders.  The first items I worked on were the bonnets.  These were completed Monday before lunch.  Next I worked on the dresses and by Tuesday midday they were complete.  Tuesday afternoon I created the pinafores.  Tuesday evening the outfits were laundered and packaged and Wednesday they were mailed.

Wednesday I began working on the next 5 outfits.  It took all day but I finished all 5 of the pinafores.  So all that remains are the dresses and bonnets which I hope to complete by lunch on Friday.

If I am able to continue working at my current pace I will be all finished with everything complete, laundered and packaged by Friday night and mailed Saturday.  Whew!! it wears me out just writing about this week but once it is over I will have time to relax for a few weeks until the Christmas rush begins.


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