One Year Ago Yesterday

A year ago on the 28th of October I posted about completing my Halloween orders and the relief that the rush was over.  I can repeat this post with a good heart. 

I am always thrilled when I receive so many orders but it does get confusing and a bit overwhelming trying to make sure I have all the supplies on hand to create the outfits so I can meet all the deadlines my customers provide.  The time pressure does sometimes cause me to feel anxious so it is always a good feeling when all the little pioneer outfits have been shipped out!

Once again this year Pebbles Flintstones… was my second most popular costume.  These are always custom made.  I do not keep any of these in inventory because the little ones vary so much in size.  I am glad to say that, unlike last year,  I did not forget the bones in any of the costumes this year.

I have had one week off and have gone grocery shopping, restocked my basic supplies, started my granddaughters’ birthday outfits, cleaned my house and took my car to the shop.  The week is almost over and I already have one order to start working on next week.  Looks like Little House outfits will be popular gifts this Christmas again.


These matching doll outfits are always popular.  I am working on one of these for my granddaughter and will be posting more about this in a few days.  In the meantime it is back to work on more Laura Ingalls’ costumes!


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