A Thanksgiving Visit

Our son and his family will be coming to town for Thanksgiving.  I always give our 2 granddaughters their Christmas dresses at Thanksgiving so they can wear them throughout December. 

I am embarrassed to say that Lauren, our youngest granddaughter, had to ask me to make her a Little House on the Prairie pioneer outfit for her Christmas outfit.  I have probably made over 200 of these outfits for little ladies all over the country and my own granddaughter had to ask for one.  How embarrassing!

Our 2 granddaughters have November birthdays  and we will celebrate while they are visiting.  I came across an 18 inch doll that looks like Lauren and decided to buy  the doll and make her  a matching outfit.

Lauren loves pink, as do most 10 year old girls, …and she selected pink for her outfit.  This is Lauren’s Christmas outfit along with her doll.


The doll has dark, straight hair just like Lauren.


The pink pinafore looks very cute with the floral fabric she selected.


Since this is her Christmas outfit I thought I would also make her a dark pinafore.  The flowers on the print fabric have dark green leaves so I created the second pinafore out if dark green.


Her doll looks adorable in her new outfit.


I think Lauren will love her Christmas outfit and her birthday surprise!  Now to work on the older granddaughter’s birthday gift.


2 Responses to A Thanksgiving Visit

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