More Sewing for the Girls

I continued sewing pajamas for our little ones this week.  The oldest of our grandchildren, Lydia, just turned sweet 16.  She likes to sleep in sleep pants and shirts so when it came time to create pjs for her I just had to make the bottoms.

Lydia loves purple so I think this will be her favorite pair.


This fabric is so cute, purple and lavender with shimmery snowflakes.


Pink is her least favorite color but I had enough of this to make her pj bottoms and her sister a nightgown.  I think she will like the polar bears even if she doesn’t care for the color.


The next pair is white with hearts and again her sister has a matching pair.


This pair is Christmas green with snowmen.


Last year a customer ordered pajamas for her whole family out of this fabric and I had just enough left to make Lydia’s pants.


The last pair for Lydia is this yellow one. 


I just love this adorable fabric covered with ladybugs.


I am now finished all the nightclothes for our grandchildren for Christmas.  I just need to purchase a few teeshirts and these gifts will be complete.


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