Shopping or Shooting

Our son and his family have been in town for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had some other family members over Thursday and had a huge meal with all the trimmings.  So when Black Friday rolled around we were so ready to hit the stores, at least the girls were.

The guys decided to head to the local shooting range.  My hubby and son took our 2 grandsons shooting.  The boys had not shot pistols before so they were very excited.  They had been practicing the 4 rules of gun safety all week so they would be ready.  My son wrote about their experience and you can read it here.

The girls decided we would avoid the major crowds and go to the few stores in our local town.  Our little one was all decked out in her “I love shopping” shirt.  This is indeed her favorite sport.  Lauren would rather shop than eat!

We headed down to Bay St. Louis, MS and stopped at Walgreens, KMart and Walmart.  There were no crowds, no waiting in lines and definitely no great bargains.  I don’t know about the rest of the major retailers but if the sales they offered were similar to the ones we saw then Black Friday should be a huge disappointment to their bottom lines.

The day was salvaged when the guys met us and took us for a walk on one of the piers out in the Gulf of Mexico (this one was just recently rebuilt after Katrina destroyed it) and then out to dinner.  We had shrimp po-boys, fried dill pickles, onion rings and french fries.  Carbs on top of carbs, but, oh, was it good.  I guess you have to be southern to understand how really good this is but once you try it you will be hooked!

After gettting our bellies full we headed home to a quiet evening of movies.  We have enjoyed our week together so much and will definitely miss them when they head back home.


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