It Pays To Memorize Scripture

Realizing the importance of hiding God’s Word in our hearts and teaching our young one’s the value of this, we came up with a way to make it enjoyable for our 4 grandchildren. 

A few years ago we started an award system for Bible memory for them.  They memorize verses all year in school and family devotions as well as on their own and we wanted to help enforce the importance of this in their lives.

We get together with them every year in November for our granddaughters’ birthdays and Thanksgiving and they always need money to buy each other Christmas gifts.  So we combined both of these and came up with a way to reward them, help them learn Scripture and earn money for Christmas.

They receive $1 for each verse they memorize and a bonus for each chapter.  They are allowed to go through their list (which they have been compiling all year) and we mark the ones they miss.  Everyone gets one time through their list and if there are any dollars left they can go through them again and try to say the ones they missed.

When we first started this program we brought $200 with us which meant each child could possibly earn $50.  The young ones did not usually earn that much which gave the older ones a chance to earn more.  Two years ago they earned all $200 so last year we had to bring $300.  They did not earn all of that so they were studying extra hard this year.

They said their verses to us last Sunday afternoon and I am happy to say they earned all the money.  They even had more verses memorized which we did not have $$$ to pay for.  You may think $300 is a lot of money at this time of year but we feel any money spent getting God’s Word in their hearts is well worth it!


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