Our grandchildren have been visiting from South Carolina.  This has been a really nice visit.  They arrived the Friday before Thanksgiving and left the Monday after, 9 days!  We had so much fun.  We shopped, had a birthday party, walked on the beach, cooked, visited, played games, worked in the yard, and shopped some more while the guys went shooting,.  We had a wonderful time.

Normally our visits together are 4 days long so this has been a very enjoyable trip.  We really do not get to see them often and they are growing up so fast.

Lydia is the oldest and she just turned 16.

Christian will be 15 in January.  He was a big help with the yard work this week.

Caleb is our little energy machine.  He is 11 and he never stops.

The baby of the family is Lauren who just turned 10.  She is everyone’s little princess and she knows it.

It is just the two of us again since our little sweeties are gone.  Our home is nice and quiet and everything is picked up nice and neatly, the laundry stays caught up and I only have to cook one meal a day, but we sure do miss them.  We love having them visit us and would not trade one moment of our time together!  Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful family. 


2 Responses to Grandchildren

  1. plwalker says:

    I must say, those are some beautiful grandchildren!! Must take after their mother. 😉

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    I have to agree, they are beautiful and smart and talented and…!

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