A New Look for Some Old Faves

I had a customer contact me about a couple of my regular items but she wanted to change each of them just a bit.

First, she has a young girl who loves to twirl (what little sweetie doesn’t like to twirl?).  My customer liked this petticoat…

but she wanted to use it as a dress or jumper for her little one.  She decided to use a calico fabric instead of broadcloth.  This little twirling petticoat/dress/jumper came out really cute.

And the skirt is very full and just perfect for twirling.

My customer has a second daughter and she wanted a pioneer outfit but she did not want a solid color pinafore.  We searched my available fabrics and found 2 lavender patterns that coordinated nicely.  Her daughter also wanted to add pockets to the front of her pinafore.  I was glad to oblige.

This outfit came out so adorable.  The 2 lavender fabrics look very pretty together and made a sweet looking outfit.

Both of these outfits are in the mail and should arrive before Christmas.  These 2 little girls will love their new outfits.


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