We are leaving for South Carolina and are praying we avoid the snow and sleet.

Christmas is such a special time as we gather with family and friends to share in the love God has shown to us.  We always look forward to the times we get to spend Christmas with our grandchildren.  There is something so very special about Christmas and children.

Our grandchildren are always so excited at this time of year (just like most children).  They love to have us visit and share in our family traditions.

When our son was young my husband’s job moved us away from our parents.  We would travel back to visit our families and celebrate the holiday before Christmas and arrive home for Christmas eve.  Since we had been traveling all day we would pick up pizza on the way home, and thus began the tradition of Christmas Eve Pizza.  Christmas morning we would read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and then open gifts.

Our son’s family still carries on this tradition but they have embellished it a bit by watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Movie while they eat pizza.  They still read the Christmas story and then open gifts, some traditions are worth keeping!

So we are heading to South Carolina for some Christmas Eve Pizza, to watch a movie and to celebrate Christmas.  Wishing you a very blessed Christmas season.


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