A Well Dressed Doll

Last month our granddaughter got a new Madame Alexander 18 inch doll (similar to an American Girl doll)  for her birthday (read about it here).  Of course, her new baby needed some clothes.   I knew as part of this granddaughter’s Christmas, I would need to make some doll clothes for her. 

I went through my doll clothing patterns and my fabrics and created her doll 4 new outfits.

The first one consists of 3 pieces-pants, shirt and overdress.  The pants are black and have elastic in the backwaist.  The shirt is made from a knit tee shirt fabric and has velcro in the back.  The overdress is made from a brown and black patterned cotton and also has velcro in the back.  The overdress can also be used as a sundress.

The next one is an old-fashioned school type dress.  It is made from lime green cotton with red ladybugs,  The dress has long sleeves, a full gathered skirt, and closes in the back with velcro.

The next outfit has a nautical touch.  The fabric is navy blue cotton covered with small sailboats.  The pleated skirt is attached to suspenders and closes in the back with velcro.  The white blouse has a pleat in the back, a small collar and closes in the front with velcro.

The last outfit should be my granddaughter’s favorite.  She really liked this pattern and pink is her signature color.  This outfit is a long dress with a ruffle around the bottom, long sleeves with snaps on the cuffs and velcro in the back.  The pinafore is solid pink and has overlapping ovals in the skirt, a fully lined bodice and velcro in the back.

My  little granddaughter was very excited when she opened this gift and her new baby doll will be dressed to the tees.


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