Any family with more than one person knows how hard it is to keep from passing illnesses from one to the other.  Our son’s family came to visit for Thanksgiving and one of the children was sick with a cold/sinus trouble.  Their family returned home and left the illness with us.

For 2 weeks my hubby and I passed it back and forth until we were finally well.  A week later we headed to SC to visit them (our son’s family) for Christmas.  Unfortunately our daughter-in-law was sick when we got there and, yes, you guessed it, my hubby got sick on the last day of our visit.

He has been sick for over a week now and today my throat has started burning.  I am praying and praying I can kick this quickly because in just a few weeks we are heading back to SC for our grandsons’ birthdays. 

Hooray for the wonders of Sambucol and garlic.  My throat is much better after just one day.  Praying I continue on the mend.

 Hoping all my readers stay well and have a great new year.


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